If you want to use Wix as a platform for your project, or you are still at the stage of selecting proper sitebuilder, you will find this article useful and interesting. Below I have gathered the most important facts about Wix sitebuilder for you to decide whether it is worth your attention.

A Bit of History

Ever since its launch Wix has rapidly become one of the top sitebuilding platforms due to its feature richness and stunning designs. However, it had a significant drop in its popularity when it was proven that Flash websites can’t work seamlessly on mobile phones, and what is more – that they are not search engine friendly. Because of this Wix had to redefine itself and introduce drastic changes to its platform in order to be able to make HTML5/Javascript sites.

Design and Ease of Use

Similarly to other popular modern sitebuilders, Wix is very easy to use. It features a very convenient drag-and-drop editor that can be effectively used even by kids. In case you feel you’re lost you can always go to short videos explaining the basics of creating websites with Wix.

What about designs, these are Wix’s cup of tea:  they look professional, neat and very catching.

Cons: Once you have selected a template, there is no way back – it is impossible to switch it. It’s rather strange that they don’t fix this problem – on most platforms you can change templates whenever you want.


Wix offers its users 5 packages starting from $0 (free plan), and finishing with $15.9 per month (eCommerce plan). Those who subscribe for yearly tarifs get additional discounts. Like with other ‘freemium’ sitebuilders, the more you pay, the more you get.

Cons: You can’t get rid of banner ads when using free plan. Comparing to other sitebuilders, Wix’s prices are higher (especially in relation to the set of features they offer). For example, on uCoz (you could read our uCoz website builder review here) can get some of the Wix’s paid features for free.

Additional Features and SEO

The presence of multiple extra features is probably the most positive characteristic of this sitebuilder, especially when it comes to its great widget selection (from well-known Google Maps to very specific, like Clip Art, and others). And what about SEO, Wix gets low scores here.

Cons: There is no SEO-friendly headers in Wix (H1-H6). Google Analytics is accessible only within premium packages. Again, on other platforms you can get visitor statistics without spending a dime.


Wix is a very controversial platform, and your personal assessment of this sitebuilder will depend on the main goal of your website. In case you want to make a great visual impression on your visitors, Wix is just what you need. It works good for music bands, artists, and just married couples. But if you want to run a serious business, you’d better try to find sitebuilders that are more focused on the inner characteristics of the website, rather on its cover.

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