wix-weeblySelecting the proper website builder is a crucial step in bringing your business online, since the efficiency of your web pages will entirely depend on the performance of the site constructor you use.

Today, the Internet abounds with various services, offering assistance in website building. Because there are both freshly launched and good old, proven services, sometimes it can be rather difficult to select the most appropriate and reliable sitebuilder for your particular case. It is important to realize that selection of the platform may depend on particular characteristics you’re interested in, such as disc space, number of available templates, safety, and alike. In this brief overview I would like to describe and compare the key characteristics of two popular website builders, namely Wix and Weebly.


When it comes to template designs, Wix surely wins. In the opinion of most independent reviews, Wix’s designs are more creative and professional looking than Weebly’s. However, there is a significant drawback regarding Wix’s templates – once you have chosen the design, you can’t change it anymore. What about Weebly – you can simply change the designs until you find the one that works best for you.

Although sitebuilders were created especially for newbies, there are many users who are handy with codes and are willing to introduce their own vision of the website design. If you belong to this group of people, you will prefer Weebly, as it allows users to modify the website design. Wix doesn’t have this option.

User Support

User support is one of the strongest sides of Wix. It is implemented in the form of question marks which are present in all the elements used for sitebuilding. In order to learn more on a specific action, you can simply click on such a question mark. Comparing to Wix, Weebly’s user support is simpler, as it is presented in the form of support center. However, it is important to bear in mind that Wix’s interface is more complicated than Weebly’s.


Both platforms offer both free and paid plans. Weebly’s prices are lower than their competitor’s, yet the offered feature range is also poorer. The monthly pay depends on the length of your subscription: the longer your subscription – the lower the price.

For example, Weebly’s premium plan is $4.83 per month (in case of a 6 month subscription), and $3.29 per month (in case of the two years subscription). Wix’s premium tariffs start from $4.95 and go up to $19.90. In case you subscribe for one year, your monthly pay is $16.17.

Conclusion and Аlternative

Both sitebuilders are good for those users who want to create simple websites in a matter of minutes. But, in fact, they can’t offer additional tools for your website’s further improvement and expansion.

Luckily, there are website builders like uCoz, that enable you to evolve and improve your site by adding online stores, forums, blogs and galleries. Other distinctive features of this platform are unlimited disk space, data backup, modern CMS and alike, not to mention reasonable prices. The website builder offers six packages for you to choose from. The prices range from zero (free plan) to $10,99 (developer’s plan). Unlike the other sitebuilders, the price doesn’t depend on the length of your subscription.

In addition to numerous default templates, the sitebuilder offers a great number of exquisite templates on its official template store, to suit all tastes. And, what is the most remarkable about this platform is that ever since its creation seven years ago, it runs an effective forum which helps customers become part of the Community, stay abreast of the most recent news, updates and changes, as well as take part in regular contests.

So, if you are serious about your enterprise and you want to have an effective and professional looking website, I recommend using proven sitebuilders like uCoz, which offer convenient ‘turnkey’ packages and many other unique solutions. By the way, you can find a more detailed description of this sitebuilder in the uCoz review.