People want to own personal websites for a variety of reasons, one of which is entertainment. Online games are a great way to relax, communicate, and let off some steam. However, many take online games very seriously, and they gradually become a huge part of their lifestyle. At some point gamers start considering creating separate forums for their clans/guilds, in order to be able to organize their actions more effectively. Below I’m going to dwell upon the easiest way to create a personal clan website from scratch. But first of all I’d like to define the advantages of running such a website.

Why Do I Need a Clan Website?

The very fact that you’re reading this article means that you are somehow connected to gaming or website building. So, if you are an avid gamer, you’re bound to create your personal guild website, and if you’re not – you may use the information given in this article for creating topical forums, blogs, etc.

The main target of a clan website is to build and maintain your own dynamic community of gamers. It is a perfect way to schedule your clan’s matches, and keep your team organized. It helps reach in-game goals faster, as well as build long-lasting relations with other gamers all over the world. So, if you feel that your guild lacks organization, you may consider creating a full-fledged clan website.

 How to Make a Clan Website in a Matter of Minutes for Free?

Creating a guild website isn’t rocket science, especially when using modern website builders like uCoz. With the help of suchlike platforms you can create your own website of any type in a matter of minutes without spending a dime. These are primarily targeted on non-techies: they don’t require any prior sitebuilding experience. Isn’t it great? Besides, you can use them for free! Let’s look closer at the free package of uCoz (I’ve selected this particular sitebuilder, as I think that it is the most well balanced platform). So, its free version can boast:

  • An excellent selection of modules (Forum, Site News, Publisher, Mini Chat, Blog, and Polls to name a few).

  • Extra functionality (widgets/gadgets).

  • Ability to integrate your own domain name.

  • Excellent technical support.

  • Unlimited traffic.

  • Extended statistics, and other advantages.

All these features you can get for free on uCoz only. Moreover, you’ll be able to modify and expand your clan website anytime as you wish. In simple words, uCoz allows you to attach different modules to your main website (e-shops, forums, blogs, galleries, etc.). In addition to the free package, there are paid plans that provide you with the most advanced web design tools enriching the functionality of your website. For more information about this platfrom read the detailed review of uCoz.


Running a clan website helps gamers achieve their in-game goals faster. It is a great solution for the gamers who lack organization. Luckily for everyone, creating a full-fledged website isn’t a difficult task today: with the help of a reliable clan website builder you can create your online gaming community in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, in case you use uCoz, you can develop and expand your website as your community grows. Don’t postpone creating your guild website – check out the free version of uCoz and create your powerful Community today!