Today you can find a variety of web design services and tools offered on the Internet for free. Some of them have been launched recently, while others have been offering high quality service to their customers for years. Sitebuilding platforms are nothing new, but still, many users prefer hiring programmers and designers to using site constructors for their business.

There is a myth that sitebuilders can’t be effectively used for serious business purposes. I’m sure, those who spread these gossips haven’t seen uCoz. In this brief post I’m going to debunk this myth and prove that sitebuilders like uCoz can create highly competitive professional websites. To read more about myths surrounding website builders follow this link.

What Makes uCoz a Professional Website Builder?

Although uCoz doesn’t require any prior programming training, and is very simple in use, it can be effectively used for the most serious projects. So, what makes it so reliable and safe?

  1. Seven years of experience in sitebuilding sphere. Ever since its launch the Company has been offering the most advanced functionality to its customers. It always stays abreast of the freshest trends and developments in its domain, and it always stays in contact with its customers (mainly through its Community forum) to be aware of what users think about uCoz, and what improvements they would like to see.

  2. Powerful technical support. Once you have created a website with uCoz, you will never be cast adrift. Customer support is a crucial aspect of a professional sitebuilder, and on uCoz this aspect is taken seriously. On this sitebuilder you will be guided through all the stages of creating your website. You can opt for a manual, online support, video tutorial, or Community forum.

  3. Additional functionality. uCoz offers an excellent selection of extra tools (widgets and gadgets) to enrich your website functionality.

  4. Unique designs. On uCoz you can either select one of the default templates (there are both free and paid designs), or you can create your own template and use it for your uCoz site. This option is very important for many business owners: with its help you can create unique, personalized websites that will fully reflect the essence of your service.

  5. Domain names like Domain name is an important part of any business. It reflects the essence of your business, and has a drastic impact on how people treat your company. uCoz is very flexible in terms of domain names: it equally offers subdomains (within their free plan), and independent domain names (either as a gift when subscribing for the whole year, or as a paid option). Furthermore, on uCoz you can integrate your own domain name purchased elsewhere.

There are many other advantageous features of this website, like data backup, multiple language localizations, unlimited disk space, etc. But most of all I would like to emphasize on the modularity of the system. To put it simply, on uCoz you can create any kind of website, and then modify it according to your wishes. You can add blogs, forums, galleries, e-shops and other modules to your main website. Isn’t it very attractive?


As you can see, with this professional website builder the only limit is your imagination. If you have an idea, a business plan, or you just want to state your personality, uCoz can help you do this professionally. You’ve been dreaming about your personal web page for a long time? Don’t hesitate to embody your dream while your tea is hot 🙂 Create a website with uCoz today – try its free version right now! You can find additional information about this platform in the uCoz review.