Creating a wedding website is a great way to collect, save and share the most precious moments of your wedding ceremony. It doesn’t matter, whether you’re just married, engaged, or you’ve been luckily married for ten years. It’s never late to share your happiness, love and joy. Moreover, today, given the great number of online web design tools available on the Internet at no charge, creating a wedding website turns into a pleasant time spending. In this article I’m going to speak about the benefits of using modern sitebuilders for creating wedsites. Why to Choose Sitebuilders?

Once you’ve decided to create your wedding website, you have three major options:

  • You can purchase domain name, hosting and build a website yourself from scratch (in case you’re a webmaster).

  • You can hire someone to build a website.

  • You can take advantage of a modern sitebuilding platform.

Since wedding websites will hardly ever bring any income, the first two options can quickly empty your wallet. As for me, the smartest decision is to use website builders. They are simple, not expensive, and they will definitely save your time and energy (comparing to the first two options).

How to Select the Right Sitebuilder?

Selecting the right sitebuilder for your wedding website is half the battle. Below I have gathered some general advice on choosing the proper platform:

  • Make sure the service doesn’t have any hidden payments or trials.

  • Attentively read the terms of use.

  • Make sure the service features backup function.

  • Make sure it doesn’t require any coding experience.

  • Make sure it has enough templates for you to choose from.

It’s important to mention that on a par with the traditional website builders there are platforms completely tailored for wedding websites. Surely, these have a good selection of the preset wedding designs, yet their functionality is rather limited, I would say. For this reason I recommend using full-fledged sitebuilding platforms like, for instance. There you will find a great selection of the most advanced web design tools enabling you to create a truly exceptional wedding website. Furthermore, you’ll be able to modify and expand your website through integrating widgets/gadgets and by attaching different modules (Blogs, Galleries, Forums, Mini Chat, Polls, etc.). By the way, uCoz offers all these features for free!


If you’re eager to create a wedding website, but you don’t know where to start, opt for a reliable wedding website builder. As for me, it is the most cost-efficient and effortless way to create a website. As a webmaster, I always recommend using the tried and tested platforms like uCoz for creating any kind of websites. They are safe, reliable, and feature-rich. Moreover, you can always try their free versions anytime. Don’t hesitate to share your happiness with your friends and relatives today – create a personalized wedding website on uCoz! To learn more about this platfrom read uCoz website builder review. To find even more ideas about creating wedding websites follow this link.