A personalized wedding website is a great way to instantly share all of the photos, videos and stories about the most unforgettable day of your lives with friends and relatives all over the world. It can also be used as a blog to post day-to-day notes and pictures describing exciting preparation activities like bridal showers, nuptial shopping or choosing a cake. Given the availability of comprehensible easy-to-use sitebuilding services you will learn fast how to create a wedding website in a matter of minutes.


Wedding is a special day for both of you, thus it is advisable to work and make crucial decisions concerning your website in pair. Sit down with your beloved and figure out what kind of content you want to display on your wedding website: photographs from the wedding (reception, honeymoon), wish lists, how we met stories and other pieces of information. It doesn’t matter whether you start making your wedding website on the day you get engaged or when you are actually married.

Choose a theme that will perfectly reflect your personalities and lifestyles. If you are more outdoorsy guys, select vivid, lively colors, while fairytale wedding design with its horse-drawn carriages and bridesmaids clad in violet tulle will be perfect for romantic souls. As a rule, there is always a wide array of ready-to-go themes and designs to choose from (in case you use sitebuilders to create a website). You may also use your own pictures as a background theme: use photo-editing software to crop pics and to create collages or you can simply leave it to the professionals.

Think of your website structure. It should be easily navigated and comprehensible. Create a table of contents with corresponding pictures representing each category (‘How We met’, ‘Meet Jack’s Parents’, ‘Jill’s Bridal Shower’ etc.).

Registering Your Website

Once you have all needed content and a blueprint of your wedding website at hand, you may start transforming your sketch into a web page. To do this effortlessly and effectively we recommend use one of the popular sitebuilding services, like uCoz. It enables you to select and register a domain name and hosting at no cost as well as to construct your own website with the help of modern web designing tools. No prior HTML knowledge is required to use uCoz: simply turn on your imagination and follow instructions. You can find more detailed information about easy ways to construct a website in the article ‘How to Make a Personal Website from Scratch‘.

Helpful Tips

To create a magical atmosphere for everyone visiting your web page consider adding some background music or sound effects (these must perfectly match the chosen category). If you feel that you miss something, you may ask your relatives, friends and colleagues to contribute to your wedding website with photos, funny stories and wedding advice.

Once the site is ready (don’t forget to test it) don’t hesitate to email all of your friends and family to inform them about your own website launch! By the way, you can also consider creating a mobile version of your wedding website. More information about mobile phone compatible websites you can find here.