Website builders are nothing new these days. They are easy-to-use, fast, and offer lots of room for customization allowing their customers to create exceptional, personalized websites in a matter of minutes. Today you will find a plethora of various site constructors on the web, both widely recognized brands, and newborns. Although customers are more likely to prefer popular, famous brands to fresh start-ups, I recommend keeping your eye on the new, perspective platforms that may become true powerhouses in sitebuilding sphere over time.

In this article I’m going to dwell upon one of the freshly launched platforms that seems to be very promising – Web Start Today. So, let’s investigate the key characteristics of this web service under the microscope 🙂

Distinctive Features

When I come across a new website builder, I always try to answer the following questions: What is so special about this particular service? Does it bring new ideas and/or approaches to sitebuilding, or it’s just a generalized copy of the already existing constructors? So, speaking about Web Start Today, they do offer a distinctive product that brings in fresh insights.

This platform differs from other multi-functional constructors (like uCoz or Webydo, for instance) in its target: Web Start Today is primarily focused on creating websites for small businesses. Not only does it offer hundreds of stunning templates tailored exclusively for your business sphere, it also gives you a set of advanced tools to optimize your web presence and make you customers return to your website. Thus, on this platform you get:

  • designs created especially for your niche;

  • advanced SEO tools;

  • easy-to-navigate CMS;

  • live tech support;

  • 24/7 rock-solid hosting.


I must admit that Web Start Today has a rather democratic pricing policy. They let you enjoy the benefits of having a personal website at no charge for the first year (if you don’t mind using subdomain). Another benefit is that you can limitlessly explore your site’s functionality in your virtual web design studio for free, until you decide to publish your creation to the web.

By the way, unlike other popular sitebuilders, this platform doesn’t offer different packages (in terms of feature-richness) – it offers different billing plans, namely Free ($0), Monthly ($9.99), and Yearly ($99). What’s more, they offer a unique function: you can leave sitebuilding to the professionals ($399).

Here I must note that there are website builders that offer free versions that never expire.

Final Thoughts

As for me, It’s hard to deny the attractiveness of this platform. Although it is a relatively new constructor, it gives an impression of a very solid, safe and flexible platform. It doesn’t strive to please everyone, but focus on its main target – creating websites for online entrepreneurs. If you have an experience of building on this particular constructor, feel free to drop a comment below. I’ll be pleased to learn your opinion.

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