A website is a great vehicle which can help you embody your business ideas, share thoughts, express your concept uniqueness as well as to communicate with other people. Typically, entrepreneurs spend a lot of money to buy hosting and domain name and hire designers and developers to build a website. Many of them will be surprised to learn that it is possible to create a free website with free domain name from scratch. Get to know how to come up with your own website at no cost from the brief tutorial given below.

Choosing a Free Domain

Domain name is the first thing people learn about your site. Selecting an effective web domain is a crucial step in site building, since it identifies your site and gives visitors a clue regarding your page content and kind of service you offer. It can also have a drastic impact on your webpage ranks at the search engines. Because of this you must be very attentive when choosing a domain. Let’s point out the most helpful tips you can use to select a perfect web name:

Think up at least five terms or phrases that describe your business/concept. Try to use the main keyword of your site. Once you have a short list of terms, start to pair them, add prefixes and suffixes etc. Avoid long domain names: sophisticated names are difficult to recall and they can be often misspelled. It must be easy to recall and type.

Invent a unique domain name. Picking web names which are simply the plural, misspelled or hyphenated variations of the already existing popular domains is a recipe for disaster.

If you are at all serious about building an effective site over the long-term and you are concerned about branding and name recognition, you may consider getting .com, .net or org. domain names. To learn more about creating business websites read this article.

Choosing a Free Provider

Once you have thought up a dozen of possible web names, you may start looking for a web service where you can create a free website with a free domain. Most of these sites have a tool allowing typing in a domain name and checking whether it is already occupied. Don’t give up if the desired names are taken in the first domains company you address, since they can be available in the other. Once you come up with an appropriate unoccupied web name, select it and register it with your domain provider. Afterwards, follow the site builder’s instructions to create your free website.

As a rule, you can get a ‘full package’ within one company, like uCoz, for instance. There you will be able to obtain a web name, hosting, CMS (content management system), administration program and web software all in one place. Being provided by the same site building company these elements will definitely work impeccably. uCoz features 16 language localizations, 250 default templates, data backup and unlimited disc space saying nothing about other obvious advantages. Creating a free website on uCoz is a piece of cake in case you have some inspiration, an original idea and desire to share it.