If you are considering taking your business online, you have definitely come across heaps of sitebuilders of all shapes and sizes. Although many of them define themselves as the simplest constructors ever, it can turn up that they are not as simple, as they claim.

Thus, if you wish to create a website from scratch without using a single line of HTML code, you need to find the true What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get website builder. One of such sitebuilders is uCoz. Below I’m going to describe its key characteristics in detail.

Why uCoz?

1. It is simple. This platform was initially created as a sitebuilder for users who have no idea about how websites are being made. So, what makes it so simple in use? The answer is its simple editors that allow you to move, adjust, and delete virtual objects effortlessly. With its drag-and-drop editors you can instantly see all the changes in the website interface (there is no need to go from admin panel to preview and back to see the adjustments).

2. It is multifunctional. Unlike other sitebuilders, uCoz can be used for creating both simple and complex websites. Actually, on uCoz you can construct a website of any complexity: there are more than 20 modules on uCoz that you can use as an attachment to your main website. These include forums, blogs, online stores, galleries, and many others.

3. It provides great user support. One of the key advantages of uCoz over other similar sitebuilders is its technical support. Once you have built a website on its platform, you will be able to access the Community forum that unites millions of uCozzers all over the world. Besides forum, you can find help in the form of live support, various manuals, as well as video lessons.

4. It’s not expensive. uCoz offers both absolutely free and paid plans. It’s important to mention that even with their free package you are able to create full-fledged functioning websites. With their free plan you get access to the basic modules (Users, Forum, Publisher, Mini Chat, Ad Board, Online Games, Polls, etc.), numerous widgets and gadgets, technical support, extended statistics, ability to attach your own domain name, and many other benefits. And for those who want to get even more functions, uCoz offers its paid plans. They abound with extra functional tools that can instantly turn your website into a real online monster!


So, isn’t it great to get so many advanced features for free? As for me, uCoz is the best WYSIWYG Website Builder: with this platform you will never pay for what you can get for free. You will be surprised with its simplicity and functionality. Don’t lose your chance to create your own website for free – opt for a free plan on uCoz and enjoy the benefits of running your personal page today! To learn even more about this platform go to the article ‘uCoz Website Builder Review‘.