Sitebuilding platforms are undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions created by men: they save our precious time, finance, and energy allowing to create full-fledged websites without special programming training. However, there are people who share a totally opposite opinion, believing that sitebuilding platforms can’t be taken seriously, especially for the business purposes. In this article I would like to explore the most common misconceptions surrounding website builders.

#1 Sites Created on Free Website Builders Look Cheap and Ugly

Wrong! Modern website builders offer such a great selection of web design tools and templates, that it’s practically impossible to create an ugly website. What’s more, some website builders allow you to use both preset templates and your own designs. Sitebuilding platforms are now rather advanced. While I can’t vouch for the other builders, uCoz offers about three hundred default templates for free (in addition to the vast selection of paid designs offered on their official template store

#2 A Business Website Needs Professional Approach

Partly true. I think it’s obvious that a serious undertaking needs serious approach. But it doesn’t mean that creating a website on a free website builder will damage your image in the eyes of your customers. It’s all about your concept, your diligence and your entrepreneurial skills. It doesn’t matter which tool you use to bring your ideas online. To find more information about bringing your business online, please read the article Create a Business Website.

Moreover, most sitebuilders offer special packages for businessmen. These packages abound with the most advanced tools for online commerce. By subscribing to such a package you will be able to broaden the functionality of your website, hide the copyright of the sitebuilding service, remove ads, etc.

#3 If I Use Sitebuilders, My Website Will Never Rank Well in Google

False! Your website ranking is completely in your hands. Your website success with search engines depends on your SEO efforts. The least you can do is to fill in the required fields in your SEO pack: insert meta keywords, description, build links etc. Furthermore, you can always analyze your website statistics to improve your optimization strategy (uCoz, for instance, offers extended statistics even in its free plan).

The fact that your website is built on a website builder can’t affect your image in the eyes of the almighty Google. Unique content, smart keyword research, focusing on your customer and your product quality – this is the formula for success. If you are a beginner in this field, you’re bound to read my post describing the most effective and what’s more – completely FREE SEO tools.

#4 Once I Have Build My Website I Can’t Customize It

Partly true. It’s all about the sitebuilder you use. Wix, for instance, doesn’t have customization feature – once you have selected the design and approved it, there is no way back. However, there exist sitebuilders where you can limitlessly switch the templates, add and delete modules, and perform even more complex operations. In order to omit this inconvenience I recommend reading sitebuilders reviews before putting all eggs in one basket.

#5 Website Builders Are Difficult in Use

Quite the opposite! Sitebuilders are initially targeted on users who have no programming training. They use the most convenient What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get and Drag-and-Drop editors. These are so simple, that even kids can use them. If you know how to use the Internet and your mouse, you are more than capable of creating a website.


Surely, a decade ago creating a website with the help of a free web design tool was rather a challenging task: it was a complicated, time and energy-consuming process. Moreover, due to the poor selection of templates it was quite difficult to produce a good, personalized web page. However, today, with the variety of website builders of all shapes and sizes it is possible to build a truly unique product from scratch in a matter of minutes. If you have a brilliant idea, or a promising business plan, but you are on a budget, sitebuilders are just what you need.