Running a personal blog is a great way to become popular, share your ideas and worldview, and what’s more – earn some extra money. However, publishing unique, interesting content isn’t enough for driving traffic and earning online. It’s important to learn to promote your content. In this article I’m going to define the most effective, tried and tested methods of getting high quality traffic. They are quite simple and don’t require any previous SEO experience.

Tip 1: Use Social Icons

Integrate social media plugins into your blog. Use as much social network icons, as possible (you may hide the less popular icons in order to avoid cluttering of your page). You should never underestimate the importance of the social media icons: they are extremely functional both in terms of interacting with visitors, and for SEO purposes (Google takes into account the number of likes, tweets, and other sharings). Some of the main advantages of using social icons for driving traffic are as follows:

  • They allow visitors to share the posts they like on their pages with just a few clicks of the mouse. By doing so, they advertise your post and significantly increase the number of your new visitors, since people readily follow the links of their friends without doubts about the quality of the content (comparing to newsletters, ads, etc).

  • High numbers on the share buttons gain credibility of the new visitors.

  • Integrating Facebook commenting function allows leaving comments without registering. What’s more – it features introductory greeting with your account picture (in case you’re logged in) and motivate you to drop a comment. This is very winning.

  • Comments are very important for driving traffic, too. When you answer to someone’s question, all the participants of the discussion get the notification – this increases the number of your return visitors.

Besides these, there are many more benefits of using social networks for your blog promotion. You can explore all of them once you have integrated social media plugins.

Tip 2: Make up a Smart Linking Strategy

Linking is another proven method to gain more traffic. A well-thought-out linking campaign can skyrocket your statistics. First of all, you can link your inner articles, and then start generating backlinks. Some of the easiest ways to generate backlinks are below:

  • Promote your blog on advertising boards.

  • Write concise, authoritative press-releases describing the main goal of your blog and the uniqueness of your content.

  • Exchange links/banners with your friends, or other bloggers.

  • Leave meaningful comments on multiple forums (you can add your website address to your signature, thus it will be present both in your profile, and in every comment you make).

Tip 3: Consider Guest Posting

At first sight, guest blogging doesn’t differ from links exchange and commenting on forums. However, it’s a horse of a different color. The main goal of the guest posting isn’t just generating links – it’s primary goal is to gain authority. By posting articles on popular, famous blogs you will get familiar with new people who can become your permanent readers and drive high quality traffic to your website. By the way, you may also consider accepting guest posts from your readers and other bloggers. They will definitely advertise their posts, and thus you will get additional traffic.

You may also leave comments on different blogs of the same niche. Your comments must be actual, meaningful, and useful.

Tip 4: Improve Your SEO Strategy

There is nothing daunting about search engine optimization. It doesn’t require special training. You may start with the simplest actions: go to the SEO pack in your admin panel and fill in all empty boxes. These include titles, tags, keywords, descriptions, etc. Before entering any keywords I recommend conducting keyword research for your particular niche. Once you have filled in your blog’s SEO pack, you may do the following:

  • Ensure that the urls of your inner pages are SEO-friendly (keyword rich).

  • Accompany your non-HTML content with text descriptions and transcripts (images, audios, videos).

  • Use ‘H’ tags for subtitles.

These are the simplest things you can do to move up your website in SERP for free.

Tip 5: Monitor Your Blog Statistics

Analyzing your visitors’ demography and behaviour is a brilliant method to see whether you’re moving in the right direction. One of the most popular completely free SEO tools is Google Analytics. It is very easy in use. GA allows you to see from where your visitors come to your blog, at what pages they land, whether they return, and many other useful data. You can find even more information about completely free analytic tools in the article ‘Top 5 Free SEO Tools’.

Final Thoughts

Of course, all these techniques will work only in case you publish unique, interesting content that meets the expectations of your readers. By the way, it’s possible to promote your blog regardless of the web design tools you use to launch your blog (paid hosting and CMS, or completely free online website builders. It’s all about your desire to promote your blog.