SEO is a fast-changing science that requires quick reaction to updates, ability to predict and reorganize your work. Our optimization techniques may change according to the changes in search algorithms, yet our data mining tools mostly remain the same. In this article I have put together a list of the most effective, and what is more important – absolutely free SEO tools. Don’t even dare to doubt their quality just because they are free 😉 Most of them are the products developed by the Internet powerhouses, like Google and Bing, for instance. So, let’s start with the most popular: 

#1 Google Analytics

In the minds of many consultants, SEO and Google Analytics go hand in hand. If you’ve ever heard about website optimization, you’ve definitely come across a reference to GA. And this reference is justified: this tool is one of the most popular data mining methods with SEO assistants. So, what is so special about Google Analytics?

  • It is free.

  • It can be easily added to your blog.

  • It presents obtained data in a variety of forms: charts, diagrams, tables.

  • It gets the most detailed information about your website visitors: geography, how they happened to arrive at your pages, etc.

This tool allows you to see whether your strategy is working, and where it needs improving.

#2 SEOquake

SEOquake is a popular program you can download for free and add to your browser. It is compatible with Firefox, Opera and Chrome browsers. This analytic SEO tool allows you to get important data about any website for a wide range of criteria. These include Google index, page rank, keyword density and many others. SEOquake toolbar displays these values under each search result in Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and Baidu. Its installation takes a couple of seconds, and it is very simple in use. Furthermore, you are able to set your own parameters for this handy tool.

#3 Google Alerts

This tool allows you to get the freshest information on a certain keyword(s) that is automatically delivered to your inbox. It is very easy in use, and is primarily oriented on users who use the Internet for tracking news, weather, sport scores, personal information, etc. However, Google Alerts can be also very useful as a SEO tool. It allows you to see your competition and learn what is being said about your web resource.

 This tool doesn’t require any downloads, and is very easy to manage. You can adjust and turn off the alerts that are not working for you anytime.

#4 Ubersuggest

This simple, but very useful site is a real godsend for those who are looking for keyword ideas. This service aggregates Google suggestions and other similar websites to offer thousands of great keywords from real user queries. It is completely free, but if you wish, you can donate a couple of dollars to its creator. This cozy seo-tool is a perfect place to find some inspiration for your new post, or to improve your keywords research.

#5 CuteRank

CuteRank is a completely free and safe keyword rank checker. It provides data on keyword ranking performance and automatically checks keyword positions in multiple search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL). Furthermore, this seo tool allows you to make your personal seo notes and monitor the improvement of your keyword position. You can obtain these data in the form of a keyword position report (it is available in different formats).


It’s amazing that it’s possible to move up your page ranks with the help of the completely free SEO tools. Just because they are free doesn’t mean they are bad. Many successful SEO campaigns use exclusively free software to build their campaigns. Surely, if you want to explore even more functionality of a good old SEO tool, you can buy its paid version (if there is one). However, if you’re a beginner, I would recommend starting with the free tools. Never pay for what you can get for free 🙂