Your website is a way to represent your personality and business in detail to the world. It’s a smart and economic method to promote an enterprise, gain new clients or simply express your individuality or impress friends. Nowadays everyone can afford building a website and owning a piece of the web, yet not every site is bound to be successful. An interesting concept or an innovative idea are great but not enough to make your site effective. Besides content there exist a lot of other things to consider when launching a web page. Got interested? Read further to learn how to create a successful website by following 10 essential tips.

  1. Audience. Focus on your target audience: who are these people, what information they want to get. Don’t try to please everyone.

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a keystone of a successful website. Making your site SEO-friendly will increase your chances to be easily found in search engines (Google, for example). You don’t have to be a SEO guru or pay thousands of dollars to promote your site with the help of different companies. All you need is to fill in the SEO pack in your content management system (CMS) and add unique content regularly taking into account prime keywords related to your business.

  3. Domain name. Selecting effective web address (also known as URL) is also very important. It should be easy-to-remember and spell. Don’t underestimate selecting right extension (for example, .com, .net, .org and many more).

  4. Homepage. Homepage is the face of your business: there will be no second chance to make first impression. The main page should clearly reflect the essence of your website, it should not be cluttered with ads and unnecessary information.

  5. Navigation. Make sure your site is easy-to-navigate both by humans and web crawlers. The sitemap should be logically organized and the description for each page clearly marked.

  6. Promotion. Use different means to promote your service offline, for example print your web address on your business cards and letterheads.

  7. Stay updated. Update your site regularly. Use trusted web analytics software to monitor your website state of affairs.

  8. Feedback and Contacts. Make sure your customers can contact and interact with your website.

  9. Language and content. Doublecheck the written content for style, spelling and typing mistakes. Make it possible to switch languages in order to gain more customers.

  10. Test. The website should be tested before publishing.

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These were the most essential issues to consider when launching a website. By following these suggestions you will not only optimize your web pages for search engines, but will bring a professional and neat look to your website. Once you have created the website of your dreams, you may be interested in creating its mobile version. Learn more about mobile websites by clicking here.