As for me, I can’t imagine a professional artist who doesn’t have his or her own website, especially when speaking about photography and other visual arts. Gone are the days of paper portfolios, and long live the websites: they are accessible 24/7, they organize your works, and they enable users to see your works closer.

Of course, we all realize the importance of having a personal website. But many of us think that in order to build a really great website you have to spend a fortune. But it’s not true. In this article I’m going to prove that making a full-fledged photography website can cost you nothing! So, let’s start.

Step by Step Guideline

Below I’m going to show how you can easily create a functioning website with uCoz, one of the most popular free website builders within a few minutes.

Step #1. Sign in with uCoz.

Step #2. Set up the design of your website.

Step #3. Add your website description, contacts, etc.

Step #4. Upload your works.

Step #5. Publish your website and welcome first visitors!

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about using uCoz. In fact, it reminds using a social network, where you can add/edit/delete posts, upload images/videos/written content, etc. By the way, many photographers still use social networks as their main web presence. However, these can’t offer you the functionality that can be provided by a reliable sitebuilding platform, like uCoz.

Advantages of Using uCoz

Besides its simplicity, and democratic pricing, uCoz features other characteristics that are worth your attention. These are:

  • A great selection of default templates. You will find an impressive collection of designs to suit all tastes there: from tranquil and natural motifs to techno and anime. Furthermore, you can opt for one of the paid templates displayed on the uCoz official website store. Good news for those who know a bit of code – on this platform you can create your personal template and then use it for your website (there is even a detailed tutorial on making templates for uCoz). With such a choice you are bound to create a truly personalized, unique product.

  • Excellent technical support. uCoz cares about its users: it offers knowledgeable user support in all possible forms. These include live support, video lessons, manuals, forum discussions, etc. Moreover, once you are registered you get an access to the Community’s forum where you can communicate and exchange experience with other Ucozzers.

  • Versatility. Modularity is probably the most distinctive feature of this platform: you won’t find it elsewhere. On uCoz you are able to modify your website as you wish: you can add e-shops, galleries, forums, blogs, etc. For example, you can create a main photography website displaying the most important information about your work, your career, your accomplishments, etc. And then you can add a gallery, and if needed – an online store to sell your works of art or services.


I’ve been working in the sitebuilding sphere for years, and I’ve seen and used many site constructors. I was very lucky to come across uCoz, since I believe that this sitebuilder integrates the most essential characteristics of the modern webdesign platform. Irrespective of your business: fashion, literature, sales, real estate, or photography, this website builder will work best for you.

It’s very flexible, feature-rich, and safe, and I confidently recommend it to my friends. Dive into the world of site building today – try the absolutely free plan on uCoz right now!