In the minds of many people who never come across site building tools, creating a personal website is strongly associated with enormous expenses and barely understandable things like web hosting, domain names, CMS, servers, backup, and alike. While it certainly does take awhile to build an effective, functioning website, it can cost nothing to start it up. Why shall you pay for what you can get for free?

In this article I’m going to dwell upon using sitebuilding platforms as a brilliant alternative to hiring programmers, designers and content managers. In order to illustrate my story I will use the characteristics of, a reliable sitebuilder with a long history in this sphere. I’ve chosen this sitebuilder because I find it the most well balanced site constructor today. You can find a more detailed review of uCoz here. So, what is all this buzz about?

Advantages of Using Sitebuilding Platforms

Before starting describing the undeniable benefits of modern sitebuilders, I would like to mention, that the true value of these platforms is their simplicity and ability to see how websites are being made. As for me, free hosting, domain names and special offers fall as secondary aspects.

1. Simplicity. Modern sitebuilders are oriented on customers that don’t have any prior HTML knowledge. uCoz, for example, can be effectively used even by kids: its easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, and easy-to navigate CMS are as simple as possible. In fact, they remind building kits for children.

2. Free domain name and hosting. We know that domain names and hosting can be pretty expensive, and can quickly empty your pocket. This is where website builders come into play: they offer free subdomains and hosting. uCoz, for instance, even offers free domains name like when subscribing for the whole year. You can find quite a few insights on selecting a domain name by reading the article Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name.

3. Pricing. Modern sitebuilders are often called the ‘freemium’ services. This means that they offer a limited set of functions for free. However, in order to get more advanced tools you need to subscribe. Different platforms offer different sets of features within their free and premium plans. Often, the price depends on the length of your subscription (the longer the subscription, the lower the price). In terms of prices, uCoz is definitely the winner among all of the existing sitebuilders. It offers a decent pack of features within its free plan (enough to build a full-fledged website), and its Developer’s plan (the most expensive package) costs only $10.99.

4. Customer Support. I think that customer support is the reflection of the platform quality. I would never select a sitebuilder with a poor technical support. Even though most sitebuilders are very simple, customers may still have many questions. On uCoz this aspect is taken very seriously: there is a wide variety of guidelines, manuals, video lessons, and other forms of support. Furthermore, there is a huge Community of Ucozzers built around its forum. It’s a nice place with friendly atmosphere where newcomers can find answers to many questions, as well as discuss topical issues.


Given these basic characteristics of the sitebuilding platforms, it’s hard to deny their attractiveness and cost-efficiency, especially when speaking about uCoz. As for me, this particular free website builder and hosting is the optimal solution for those who want to get their own website. It is simple, feature-rich, safe, and versatile. Irrespective of the reason you want to have a website (business, entertainment, advertisement, etc.), on uCoz you will find the most advanced tools to embody your dreams. By the way, you can always try it for free! Build your new website on uCoz and enjoy the advantages of having your own web presence in a matter of minutes!