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Establishing a web presence has become much simpler in recent years, and today virtually anyone is capable of building and maintaining a full-fledged website of any complexity, regardless of the background and previous webmastering experience. And one of the web services that has made this possible for thousands of users worldwide is MotoCMS site constructor. As of September 2013, this content management system powered 375,240 websites. Let’s have a closer look at its feature set for you to decide whether or not MotoCMS is the optimal choice for you.

How It Works

MotoCMS is an in-browser website builder. It employs extra convenient WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop editing tools allowing you to see how your web page will look like when live instantly. The system has a vast range of widgets that can substantially expand your website’s functionality and bring it a more professional look. Each MotoCMS template comes with the following widgets:

  • Dropdown menu.
  • Advanced contact form.
  • Media players (including a music player).
  • Photo & video galleries.
  • Search and News options.
  • Buy Now button.
  • Rss reader.
  • HTML & Rich Content widgets among others.


Unlike other similar web services, MotoCMS doesn’t host websites (there’s no ‘subdomain’ option). Neither do they sell domains. In order to have your website published you need to purchase hosting and website address elsewhere. MotoCMS partners with provider, so you can host your MotoCMS-powered website at a discount there. This is probably the most distinctive feature about MotoCMS. While other website builders are tied to certain hosting (which you can’t change), with MotoCMS you’re free to transfer your website to anyplace anytime.

So, in a nutshell, the whole process is done in three easy steps: pick a design -> upload it to the server -> customize it and go live.


MotoCMS has a huge library of effects-rich Flash and HTML templates. There are both versatile and narrowly specialized themes tailored exclusively for specific industries (Cars, Real Estate, Charity, Sports, Education, Law, Agriculture, etc.). Each template has a detailed description. Their designs database is updated on a regular basis.

MotoCMS Templates

There are many misconceptions about Flash websites in terms of SEO. And most of these do have grounds. However, over the years, many smart workarounds have been developed to bypass the problem. One of them is employed in Flash templates by MotoCMS. They all have baked-in HTML copies that are indexed by search engines seamlessly. So, if you’re a Flash fan, MotoCMS website builder will definitely help you build an impressive, and what’s more important – indexable Flash website with beautiful animation and rich imagery.

MotoCMS website builder has no free version. However, you can try it for free during a trial (30 days). In case you decide to use it for your website, there will be one-time payment ($139).

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