In this brief post I would like to share my own experience in creating a functioning website with a kid. My nephew is ten, but he is seriously interested in building websites. One day he asked me to help him make a website (he knows that I’m a webmaster). First, I was a bit surprised and even perplexed. I didn’t know where to start, as it took me years to learn to build decent, effective websites. But then I thought of uCoz, a sitebuilding platform I came across shortly before. I remembered that it was rather simple, so I decided to try to build my nephew’s personal website on this particular platform.

Create Your Website While Your Milk Is Hot

So, we warmed up some milk, took some cookies and started the process. To my surprize, we finished it while the milk was still warm 🙂 Of course, my nephew’s website wasn’t an online monster, yet it was a decent, functioning web page. He was very satisfied, and I was nicely surprised with the additional functionality of this platform. So, when he left, I rambled through the uCoz pages, as this website builder didn’t leave me indifferent. I came to the conclusion that this platform can be equally used by children (in case they’re able to use computer) and adults. So, if you’d like to explore your kid’s creativity in sitebuilding, I recommend this platform for the following reasons:

  • It’s free. You risk nothing.

  • It’s kid-friendly. This platform is the simplicity at its finest. It has drag-and-drop editors that are very convenient in use, and are understandable even to kids.

  • It doesn’t require any software downloads. Everything is done directly through your web browser.

However, regardless of its simplicity, this sitebuilding platform can be also used for serious purposes (I haven’t studied its extra functionality properly, yet given the features they offer within their free package I must admit that uCoz is a rather powerful platform).

Final Thoughts

I think that creating a website with a kid on uCoz is a really great idea. It helps develop your child’s creativity, abstract thinking, and gives professional experience in sitebuilding. Moreover, with this platform your kid is able to modify and develop his or her website as he/she grows.

The most difficult thing about building a website with my nephew was selecting the  main goal of the website 🙂 So, if you have a good idea, half the battle is already won! If you know someone under 12 who’s wishing to create a personal website, you can confidently recommend this website builder. Kids will love it! You may also want to explore the extra functionality of this platform, in case you’re interested in building your personal business website.

I will be pleased to learn about your personal experience in creating websites with kids. By the way, here you can find a more detailed review of uCoz website builder.