Many of us would like to own a personal piece of the web for different purposes: to advertise one’s business, to share accomplishments (artworks, portfolios etc.), to communicate or simply to run a blog. At first glance, creating a website is a time and money-consuming task, but it is actually not. Nowadays, with a wide array of sitebuilding software, tools and online services you can easily learn how to make a simple website in a matter of minutes. So, let’s determine the most beneficial and easy-to-follow ways to create a personal website quickly and efficiently.

Hosting Plan and Domain

Once you have the basic idea of your site’s essence (what kind of service you will offer, what kind of content you will share etc.) the first things you need to consider are hosting and domain name. Selecting the right host is a very important step in sitebuilding: the site’s bandwidth, download speed etc. will depend on the host provider you choose. Thus, there exist three main types of website hosting:

  • Virtual private servers (VPS).

  • Dedicated servers.

  • Shared hosting.

The first and the second options are a great solution for large websites with heavy loads of images, video and visitors. VPS and dedicated servers allow you to lease servers which are not shared with anyone else. Thereby, you will have entire control on what is going on on it. However, these machines are rather expensive and can quickly empty your wallet (200$ + per month). Shared hosting, on the contrary, is devised for small websites and cost less than 10$ per month.

Once you have resolved the hosting issue, you can think of obtaining a domain name. You can get one from your hosting provider or shop for better options elsewhere. Selecting URL is undoubtedly a keystone of your website’s success. The chosen web address should reflect the essence of your service and sound professional; a long, hardly spelled domain name is a recipe for disaster. Thus, take your time to think up a relevant name that will speak for itself.

It’s Time to Build

Once you have a domain name and hosting plan you can start creating your website! Almost all web hosting companies offer free automatic installation of the structure used for your website. These are usually easy-to-follow CMS (content-management systems) like WordPress or Joomla, for instance. With the help of these you can begin designing your site and add/edit its content.

The Short Cut

In order to save your precious time and effort you may also take a short cut and use one of the free online Sitebuilding services. These sites are especially designed for those who would like to create a personal webpage in short order without any previous HTML practice. They usually feature user-friendly guidelines and have enough templates and tools to make your website unique and distinctive. Many website owners would name this sitebuilding method as the most beneficial and cost-effective. More information about sitebuilding platforms you can find by following this link.