Nothing happens without promotion. Even if you are a talented artist, you need to state your personality to become popular and make people see your works of art. One of the simplest ways to do this is to create your personal online portfolio using an online platform. This is the simplest solution for all the artists who lack the gene of self-promotion.

Sitebuilding platforms are real godsends for everyone who wish to create their web presence quickly and effortlessly. They help save time, money and effort, and don’t distract you from your vocation. One of such platforms is, a popular online constructor that has a seven years’ experience in the sitebuilding domain. As for me, this platform is the optimal solution for creating online portfolios. Below I have gathered the most important characteristics of this sitebuilder:

#1 Anyone Can Use It

One of the common reasons to postpone creating a website is a fear of getting lost in the complicated and barely understandable processes and terms. This is a very common myth about webmastering. With uCoz you will never get lost, as this sitebuilder is the simplicity at its finest. It has very easy-to-use editors that allow you to move, edit, and delete visual objects effortlessly, without knowing a single line of code. These are What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get and drag-and-drop editors.

#2 uCoz Powered Websites Are Unique

This platform is a godsend both for those who have no idea about how websites are being made, and those who already have programming training, since on uCoz you can equally use your own and preset designs. This enables you to create a truly unique, exceptional portfolio that won’t remain unnoticed.

#3 uCoz Powered Websites Are Versatile

However, most of all I like the modularity of this platform. It is truly excellent! For instance, once you have created your portfolio and you have attracted many visitors, you will be interested in launching online store. On uCoz you can instantly attach e-shop module to your main site. You can also add a Forum, Blog, Mini Chat, Polls, and many other modules. You will hardly ever find such a rich functionality on other sitebuilding platforms.

#4 It Is not Expensive

Comparing to the expenses on traditional means of sitebuilding (hiring programmers, designers, content managers,etc.) the maximum monthly pay on uCoz is nothing! Furthermore, you can opt for a completely free plan – it gives you all required tools to create a full-fledged website without any professional experience. To learn more about characteristics of this platform go to the detailed review of uCoz website builder.

Final Thoughts

Creating a portfolio is a perfect way to promote your business, state your personality and gain new clients. And uCoz is a perfect place to do this. It’s not just a portfolio website builder, it’s a powerful platform where you can modify and expand your website anytime. Isn’t it tempting? Explore your sitebuilding abilities for free – create your online portfolio on uCoz today!