If a decade ago PC monitoring software was an option exclusively used by large-scale companies working with know-how technologies, these days you will find dozens of mobile and PC tracking apps for all tastes. Remote computer monitoring software is a topic of mixed feelings, as along with the undoubtful benefits these tools may bring discomfort, stress and… costly lawsuits :). Is this type of software worth the investment? Is it legal to use it? Read on to learn the answers.

Spyware Versus Tracking Software

There’s a thin line between spyware and PC monitoring software. While spyware is considered as a kind of privacy-intruding malware, tracking software is a kind of an office productivity application. Normally, employers should inform their staff about computer monitoring policies prior to installing any tracking apps. Only after informed consent, you can install tracking apps on computers owned by the company. Otherwise, any monitoring program will automatically turn into a piece of spyware.

Web Usage Timer

Enterprise-level monitoring software also differs in that it provides users with extended reports and add-ons. Specifically, it allows to block websites temporarily, send alerts and track attendance. Advanced tracking tools, like Work Examiner for example, allow to display custom messages when employees are trying to access forbidden sites. Another innovation is web usage timer. By activating this feature you will show your employees a real-time counter on top of restricted websites. The timer will show how much time is left before applying the filtering rule.

How to Block Websites - Work Examiner


One of the most obvious issues you will likely notice among workers is perceived lack of privacy. In most cases, such policy isn’t received kindly, so you run the risk of being viewed as an intrusive power monitoring everything they do. This can create an atmosphere of distrust and hostility. Besides, monitoring can be viewed as a kind of unexplained punishment to creative employees who simply can’t survive under surveillance.


If you explain employees that the software’s main goal is to prevent information leaks, improve security and raise productivity, chances are, they will understand you. Appoint a group meeting and discuss the issue in public. Explain how it can help increase the output and thus raise the average salary in your company.