Copyright laws protect the rights of people who invent new processes and technologies. These laws encourage creative thinking, innovation and seek to protect fairness. However, intellectual property that refers to non-physical creations is more difficult to protect, especially in the light of the fact that it can be instantly disctibuted and shared on the Internet.

Intellectual Property Online

Intellectual property online includes a variety of intangible creations, such as works of art, audio tracks, video content, photographs, pieced of software, logos and trademarks, interactive programs, as well as works of journalism. Trade secrets, know-how’s and business methods are also intellectual property, no matter in which form they’re presented (online or offline).


As a rule, copyright laws don’t differ much from state to state. They make it illegal for anyone other than the inventor/creator of an original product to sell, alter, exhibit or reproduce intellectual property. In the US, these laws exist both on federal and state levels. There are also many international treaties regulating intellectual property distribution and sharing on the Internet. Besides governmental institutions, there are also security services offering intellectual property protection, like Armada Security, for instance. So, in case you fall victim to an unauthorized use of your piece of work that belongs to intellectual property, don’t hesitate to take legal action.

Copyrighting Internet Content

You’ll be surprised to learn that as soon as you produce a piece of work, be it a software program, a video game or an Android application, it automatically becomes protected by the law. In fact, you don’t need to register your creation anywhere. However, in order to protect your original work you may want to copyright it according to current law. This procedure will proved them with a concrete proof of the owner/creator and the creation date which can come in handy in case of a legal suit.

One of the ways to protect your intellectual property is to legally copyright it. However, you should know that this process can be very frustrating and burdensome. In case you want to file a basic claim copyright application in the USA, you have to contact the U.S. Copyright Office. You may do this online or via mail. At the moment, the processing time for is about 22 months (in case you send it via mail) and 6 months (in case you file the application via email). You will find exhaustive information on how to do this on the official website of the U.S. Copyright Office.


There are many problems surrounding intellectual propery online. One of the most common is that Internet users can download, change and copy intellectua property with lightning speed and on such a large scale. For instance, file-sharing web resources make it possible for anyone to sell various media files (songs, TV episodes, video lessons, video games and even movies) hassle-free, despite the fact they’re all protected by intellectual property law.