Promotion is an essential part of any business. Without marketing it is practically impossible to reach your target audience and sell your products/services online. In this article I’m going to describe the most essential steps you need to take to advertise your freshly launched website effectively.

Many website owners will be surprised to learn that the website promotion starts long before its launching. Why? Because every functioning website already includes important marketing elements, such as domain name, for example. For this reason it is important to plan your site’s promotion before publishing it, if possible.

Step 1.  Domain Name

Selecting domain name is one of the most responsible tasks. It is the first thing people learn about your website. That’s why it must be short, easy to spell and recollect. Try to think up the name that will sound professional and reflect the essence of your service.

In this post I just want to emphasize the importance of this step. This question has been already explained in detail in the following article: Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name.

Step 2. Search Engines

Add your website to the top search engines so that Internet users could find your pages when searching on certain keywords. You can either submit your website to the most powerful search engine (which is Google), or you can get inclusion in multiple searches.

Actually, you shouldn’t worry about this: search engines will find your website themselves after a while. But nevertheless, it is advisable to do this yourself. By doing so you will speed up the process of indexing. Besides, you will be able to see your website through the eyes of search engines, especially since there are not so many of them: Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Step 3. Google Adwords

Adwords is a unique advertising program offered by Google. It allows you to promote your website all over Google for rather reasonable prices. Many modern websites include this program in their promo campaigns. The positive aspect of Adwords is that you pay only for real website visitors (this method is also known as pay per click).

It is important to note that this method is more applicable to smoothly functioning business websites. It makes no sense to drive traffic to the poor websites that can’t offer high quality service to their visitors. Use Adwords when you ensure that your website is ready to gain profit.

Step 4. Linking

There are three major ways to promote your website through linking:

  • Exchange links with other sites. Tend to cooperate with popular sites that have a great number of visitors. Focus on websites related to your sphere. There you will find many ways to generate links: through guest posting, commenting, and alike.

  • Post ads on message boards. On forums you can add your website address in your signature, so that your website will be advertised every time you add a comment.

  • Write a post about the launch of your website. Describe the target, benefits and disadvantages of your service (the article shouldn’t look like a banner ad). Submit this article to multiple web resources related to your sphere. There are special websites designed specially for this purpose – press-release sites. Starting a new website is a great reason for a press-release.

Step 5. Email and Social Networks

You should never underestimate the importance of social networks in online promo campaigns. These are a very cheap (normally, completely free) way to advertise your business. After writing and sharing posts about the launch of your website you can add your site URL into your personal information in your profile. You can also add your website name into your signature in emails. On Facebook you can create a whole group dedicated exclusively to your website. You are bound to do this to get back your targeted traffic. And even if you fail to convert your users today – you can do this with the help of social references tomorrow.

Step 6. Offline Techniques

Given the high level of online competition you can take advantage of offline methods to promote your website:

  • Print out business cards with your site name and distribute them to your friends, colleagues, and unknown people where it’s relevant. Always have enough business cards on your table and in your pocket.

  • When speaking on related topics don’t hesitate to mention your website name in an unobtrusive way.

  • Use TV and radio advertising.

In addition to these methods you can also produce stationery with your company logo and contact information (pens, pencils, notebooks, etc.). This method works best for local markets, offline businesses, and so on.


Once you have created the website of your dreams you are bound to advertise it. Without a well thought out promo plan your creation won’t be seen to anyone, but you. Website promotion can be implemented in a variety of forms, both offline and online. Most of them are cheap and very effective.

Stay consistent, unique, and creative, and your promo plan will exceed your expectations. Don’t hesitate to share this post if you like it! I will be also pleased to learn your opinion on this topic.

Before promoting, ensure that your website can offer great user experience to its visitors, since satisfied visitors are the key to your website success. And don’t forget to optimize your website according to the freshest trends in search engine optimization. More information on this topic you can find in this article: Best SEO Techniques in 2013