I can bet my bottom dollar that you’ve been in a situation where you’ve received/downloaded a PDF file and could not open it. The problem is that reading, editing and converting files created in Portable Document Format or PDF requires having a special program installed onto your computer. This can be annoying and disappointing. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t open, fill out or convert a PDF without purchasing an expensive piece of software. Fortunately, there is a ton of high quality web-based and free-to-download PDF-related programs out there that require minimum tech skills and time.

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PDF Burger

If you’re not a heavy PDF files user, there’s no need to download and install any feature-laden software, since many web-based programs are good enough for basic operations. Take PDF Burger for example. This completely free website allows users to create PDFs by combining existing files in different formats as well as convert PDFs to JPG images and Microsoft Word documents. No need to register and specify your credit card data – just go to the website, enter your URL and click the button. Remember to add PDF Burger to your browser bookmarks to have it at hand.


NitroPDF is a powerful suite geared towards heavy PDF users. This paid downloadable software offers a wide range of features allowing to create, edit, share and convert PDF files in an easy and professional manner. If you consider purchasing a PDF-specific program, sign up to their free trial in order to avail all the benefits of this software:

  • Create and combine. It allows to create universal PDF files viewable in any PDF reader, on virtually any device.
  • Edit. Nitro PDF allows to customize layouts, change fonts and make other edits to your files. Besides, it features the OCR – Optical Character Recognition. This revolutionary technology makes scanned texts editable.

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  • Convert to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Export files.
  • Sign and secure. The program makes it simple to certify your docs and keep them protected with passwords.
  • Collaborate and review. Nitro PDF provides a range of easy-to-use collaboration tools which will come in handy both for companies and freelancers.
  • Cloud connectivity. Even if your collaborator doesn’t have Nitro Pro installed on his/her computer, he/she can work on your document remotely using cloud connectivity capabilities of Nitro PDF.

To view the full list of PDF software and make the right decision when choosing one for your personal or business purposes, please read this Wikipedia article.