With the increasing use of the Internet for purchasing and selling goods, more and more business owners consider taking their stores online. Running a webstore is very beneficial in every way. Firstly, because it can significantly cut your overheads. Secondly, it can instantly increase your audience, as well as reach your current clients. Traditionally, business owners hire programmers and even entire web design agencies to get an e-store up and running. And just a few realize that building and maintaining a full-fledged e-store can be as cheap as $10/month.

MadeFreshly Ecommerce

So, in this brief tutorial (which I hope you will find useful :)), I’m going to describe how you can build a website with ecommerce capabilities while your tea is hot. I will use MadeFreshly website builder, as I find it the easiest platforms to accomplish this task. Furthermore, it doesn’t require entering any credit card details to create an account.

So, what it takes to build a website with MadeFreshly:

  • Sign up. The process will take you a few instances and you’ll be able to enter your control panel and start customizing your website right away. You are free to use their free version as long as you need, it never expires and has no hidden fees.

  • Go to the Setting section to name your store and set up your domain name. Firstly, you may use MadeFreshly subdomain. In case you’re a lucky owner of a custom domain name, you can easily attach it via your dashboard. However, in order to get access to this option you need to upgrade your account to one of their paid packages. In case you’re just deciding on a domain name you may want to read my Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name.

MadeFreshly - Domain Name

  • Select a theme. Design is essential. So, select a theme that will work best for your website. On MadeFreshly there are both free themes and those that you can access only when using a paid account. Themes are rather customizable (see the screenshot). No coding required. But if you don’t mind writing codes, you can do that with MadeFreshly, too :). Their Choice ($19.99/mo) and Prime ($34.99) packages give you access to your website’s source code.

MadeFreshly - Themes

  • Once you’ve chosen your theme and customized it for your needs, it’s time to upload your products. The process is ridiculously easy. Just enter the product description, set up shipping details, price, payment options, etc. You can also set up your product Status: Active, Sold Out, Coming Soon, Hidden etc.

MadeFreshly - Upload Your Products

Proofread your content, preview your website and push the Publish button! Congrats, you’re a happy owner of a full-fledged ecommerce website! Remember to promote your business online and offline. As you can see, building a website using one of the popular ecommerce website builders is a breeze.