The number of businesses having their fan pages on Facebook has considerably increased recently. Yet just a few of these have reached their goals. Why? Because creating a fan page is just the first step. To make it useful you need to promote it. In this brief post I want to share some of the tried and tested tips on optimizing your Facebook Page.

NB! Before taking any actions on advertizing your fan page, ensure that it contains accurate information about your business (its target, brief and full descriptions, vision, contacts, etc.).

Tip 1: Post Moderately

Respect your followers – don’t overload their news feeds with your posts. Most people get tired of innumerable, useless messages in their feed. Focus on quality, not quantity. Your posts should be interesting, brief and informative: advertise discounts, fresh reviews, special offers, events, etc.

Tip 2: Diversify Your Posts

One of the most common mistakes fan page administrators can do is to share posts exclusively about their business. It doesn’t look natural. Start sharing interesting posts that may or may not be related to your enterprise. By doing so you can attract more readers to your fan page.

For example, if your business deals with organizing wedding ceremonies, you can share interesting posts about wedding traditions of the world, about the history of engagement rings, etc. I can bet my bottom dollar these articles will gain more attention that monotonous advertising posts.

Tip 3: Engage Your Fans

Once you have created your fan page, you will have to maintain it properly: always answer to your followers’ questions, and reply to comments. Listen to your users’ claims and suggestions, and if they can improve your fan page’s performance, don’t hesitate to implement them. Consider conducting regular surveys and organizing interesting contests. Reward the most active fans.

Tip 4: Use Paid Ads

Paid ads can also be a very effective way of promotion, especially when it comes to Facebook Ads. The distinctive feature of these ads is that they will be shown only to those FB users that you want (depending on their age, geographical position, likes, and other criteria).

Tip 5: Advertise Your Fan Page Outside FB

This can be implemented in a variety of forms, both offline and online. The most popular methods are:

  • publishing your fan page address on your stationery;

  • distributing business cards;

  • writing and posting articles about your company (containing links leading to your fan page), and many others.


If you want your Facebook Page to work, you have to take it seriously. To get better results I recommend making up a promo plan. Once you have such a plan you can better organize your work, monitor accomplishments, and adjust your methods.