The Internet is undoubtedly a great tool for research, education and work. However, it can also be an excellent playground to entertain you and your friends 24 hours per day. A fair share of the most popular websites is completely dedicated to nothing but games, being a great source of revenue for their creators.

If you consider starting up your own gaming webpage to meet people who share your ideas and the same passionate commitment to the particular game or simply want to earn some extra money online, you may be interested in information on how to make a game website for free. You will be surprised to learn that creating a full-fledged gaming website is within reach even for those with very little programming and web design practice. What is more interesting is that you can find platforms where you can create a website free of cost.

How to Make a Gaming Website

Step #1: Idea

If you want to run a really successful website, you need to make it interesting and funny: employ bright colors and easy-to-navigate menus for your customers convenience. Try to think up unusual features which would make your site distinctive in a range of the similar gaming sites.

Step #2: Host

Once you have the idea, you may get a host (a place where your gaming website will reside on the Internet). You can choose a free host or pay for it (depending on the type of hosting plan, the cost will vary from 2$ to 1000$+ per month). The cheapest option is to choose shared hosting, while the most expensive is dedicated server or VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is especially devised for websites expecting many visitors and requiring many video, audio and other kinds of content.

Step #3: Domain Name

Select a relevant web address that will reflect the main idea of your gaming site. You may obtain one from your web hosting provider or shop for better variants elsewhere on the net. Try to think up a short, sharp and easy-to-recall web address, since URL is the first thing your customers will learn about your website. To learn more on this topic, please read this post.

Step #4: Content

You don’t need to invent your own game to start up an entertaining website; you can simply embed those from free games providers. There are many official websites offering embed codes for the games they promote. Another option to acquire a game is to become an official affiliate.

Write games related articles and post them on your website. If you want to copy those, ask permission from the authors prior to adding any kind of copied information onto your webpage.

Step #5: Promotion

Website promotion is as important as domain name and hosting selection. Without promotion no one will learn about your creation, thereby you should maximally advertise your gaming resource online and offline: offer to trade links, post information about your website on your social network pages, keep your site updated and add new games regularly.