Having your own webpage has a lot of advantages: it enables you to communicate, share ideas, run a business and sell goods to people across the world. Nowadays almost everyone can create a fabulous website which will be easily maintained and edited. Usually, there exist two prime options for those who would like to learn how to create a website from scratch: to make it by oneself/to hire a team or to use a site building service. Below we are going to describe each option in detail as well as to point out their benefits and disadvantages.

The do-it-yourself way

Creating a site by yourself doesn’t necessarily imply knowing HTML or being a professional IT developer. Actually, all you need for an effective web page is an interesting concept and a bit of imagination which will be later transformed into an online creation allowing you to share the idea with your family, friends and potential customers. These could be forums, blogs, wedding websites, online stores, etc.).

Thus, once you have settled on your idea, follow this four-step tutorial:

  1. Research domain names. Your site name (also known as URL, web address or domain) must correspond to the content that is going to be on your site. It should be easy to remember and spell. You can search for free domains provided by special sites or purchase them from current owners.

  2. Look for hosting. Ideally, you should look for a hosting that provides unlimited web space and monthly bandwidth, an assortment of software to choose and install as well as easy-to-use administration program. Today you can choose from a range of reputable companies offering both paid and free hosting with the lowest downtime occurrence. Most of the well known sites tout a 99.9% guarantee.

  3. Next step is CMS (content management system) selection. Compare different CMS programs (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others) to decide which one will work best for your website.

  4. Create basic pages of your website. An average website should minimally include: a Home page, About page, Contact page and Sitemap. The presence of these pages makes your website comprehensible both for visitors and web crawlers.


However, there is a more beneficial alternative to the DIY method, and it is called a sitebuilding service. Using these you can obtain a domain name, hosting and web software all in one place dramatically cutting down on steps, time and effort. Moreover, with sitebuilders you can be sure that everything will work seamlessly. Let’s describe principles of work and the most obvious advantages of such sites on example of a powerful ucoz.com sitebuilder.

First of all, it’s important to mention that you don’t need any prior HTML knowledge to build a site on uCoz. To get it started simply authorize and follow the instructions. You will find it exciting and very interesting, since the service can offer a wide variety of options to make your particular website unique and personalized. uCoz features:

  • unlimited disc space;

  • 250 default templates;

  • 22 modules, thousands of widgets and gadgets;

  • data backup and modern CMS;

  • friendly community and technical support.

With this sitebuilder you can also expand and develop your website by adding blogs, forums, online stores, etc. Thus, creating sites with building services is the best way to launch your first site. With uCoz you will be guided through every stage of your project. Take advantage of this reputable site builder and you will never go wrong.