Message boards or forums are a great tool for developing a community built around your website or on its own. These boards make like-minded people come together to ask questions, share opinions and spark discussions on different topics. There’s a lot of popular forum software as well as sitebuilding projects around the Internet which can help you to create an effective message board with no effort for free. Read this brief article up to the end to get to know how to create a forum website in a matter of minutes at no cost.

Tips on Creating Effective Forum

Before downloading any kind of forum creating software or selecting a sitebuilding resource you have to consider the most important elements of your future web page: establish a central topic, create categories, think up rules etc. Thus, let’s point out what makes the core of an effective vivid forum:

  • Central topic. Select a theme/focus/subject of your forum. For example, if you are an avid music fan you may want to create a forum centered on your favourite music genre, group or a singer to draw other fans together to stimulate discussion as well as to develop and expand the community.

  • The structure. Your message board should have a user-friendly easy-to-navigate structure. For this divide the main topic into logic subtopics. For instance, if you are doing a forum dedicated to a certain music group, you may want to have separate boards for Albums, Concerts, Last News, Videos etc. By doing this you will keep your forum from becoming cluttered and hard to follow and navigate. Once you have separate boards go in deeper into the particular subtopic: list the released Albums in Albums board, for example. By creating each of those as separate category you will be able to organize and moderate discussions within larger topic without causing misunderstanding and confusion.

  • Moderators. Consider appointing moderators to help you cope with message boards. Choose people who will be able to help you keep an eye on things and resolve conflicts. Moderators can also ban users (those who misuse or disobey forum rules) and edit or remove inappropriate conversations.

Once you have a blueprint of your forum, select a sitebuilding service to embody your ideas. We recommend using free ‘full package’ sitebuilders in order to get everything done smoothly. Select among ‘all inclusive’ resources like which can offer you a wide scope of services starting form free domain name/hosting and finishing with technical support and unlimited disc space. No prior HTML knowledge is required to build a forum with the help of uCoz, for instance. All you need to do is just to log in and follow the instructions. With this modern innovative resource (250 default templates, 22 modules, thousands of widgets and gadgets etc.) you will be able to create a unique personalized forum of your dream.