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Easy Steps To Create a Website

A comprehensive guide on easy website creation methods…

Top 5 Remote Access Software

Aug 22

Top 5 Remote Access Software

The possibility of remote work with the computer is something simply irreplaceable and important. Remote access to your PC gives you access to all your files or programs from another computer over the Internet from anywhere at any time. This makes possible to organize joint meetings, online conferences, to chat with friends, to demonstrate the work of programs and much more on that fancy enough. continue reading…

Web Design Trends 2013 Part 1: Simplicity in Simple Words

May 29


I have already described the most promising web design trends 2013 in the article of the same name. There I have touched upon each trend in brief, defining its advantages and importance for SEO and your visitors’ UX. Now it’s time to dwell upon each trend in detail to illustrate the advantages and possible drawbacks of each trend. So, today I’d like to discuss one of the most popular web design tendencies – Simplifying. continue reading…

What is a Wedding Website Builder or How to Create a Website Without Stress

May 25

Creating a wedding website is a great way to collect, save and share the most precious moments of your wedding ceremony. It doesn’t matter, whether you’re just married, engaged, or you’ve been luckily married for ten years. It’s never late to share your happiness, love and joy. Moreover, today, given the great number of online web design tools available on the Internet at no charge, creating a wedding website turns into a pleasant time spending. In this article I’m going to speak about the benefits of using modern sitebuilders for creating wedsites. continue reading…

uCoz: the WYSIWYG Website Builder of Your Dream

May 23

If you are considering taking your business online, you have definitely come across heaps of sitebuilders of all shapes and sizes. Although many of them define themselves as the simplest constructors ever, it can turn up that they are not as simple, as they claim.

Thus, if you wish to create a website from scratch without using a single line of HTML code, you need to find the true What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get website builder. One of such sitebuilders is uCoz. Below I’m going to describe its key characteristics in detail. continue reading…

Meet uCoz: a Perfect Website Builder for Kids and Adults

May 22

In this brief post I would like to share my own experience in creating a functioning website with a kid. My nephew is ten, but he is seriously interested in building websites. One day he asked me to help him make a website (he knows that I’m a webmaster). First, I was a bit surprised and even perplexed. I didn’t know where to start, as it took me years to learn to build decent, effective websites. But then I thought of uCoz, a sitebuilding platform I came across shortly before. I remembered that it was rather simple, so I decided to try to build my nephew’s personal website on this particular platform. continue reading…