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Easy Steps To Create a Website

A comprehensive guide on easy website creation methods…

Penguin 2.0 Update: Did You Feel It?

Jun 4


If the very word ‘penguin’ strikes fear into your heart, you either suffer penguin-phobia or your occupation is closely tied with search engine optimization. Because this website is more likely to be tied with the latter niche, today I’m going to dwell upon one of the most important updates of the past month (and probably, the past semester) – the rollout of the new Google algorithm update – also known as Penguin 2.0. continue reading…

Top 5 tips to Design a SEO Friendly Website

May 17

Search engine optimization of a website begins along with its creation. Unfortunately, just a few web designers completely realize the importance of the website structure for its ranking. Surely, smart keyword research, unique content, and a well-thought-out linking campaign can improve your website position even without seo-friendly web design. However, in order to make up a truly effective, smoothly working optimization strategy, I recommend using the following web design tips:

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Top 5 Free SEO Tools

May 7


SEO is a fast-changing science that requires quick reaction to updates, ability to predict and reorganize your work. Our optimization techniques may change according to the changes in search algorithms, yet our data mining tools mostly remain the same. In this article I have put together a list of the most effective, and what is more important – absolutely free SEO tools. Don’t even dare to doubt their quality just because they are free 😉 Most of them are the products developed by the Internet powerhouses, like Google and Bing, for instance. So, let’s start with the most popular: 

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Best SEO Techniques 2013

Apr 22

SEO-2013If you are looking for a single, one-size-fits-all SEO technique that will magically improve your website’s ranking, you are looking in the wrong direction. There are no magic solutions in SEO sphere. Furthermore, it is impossible to predict the next moves of the search engines, because ever since their creation they have been changing their algorithms fairly often. Certainly, you will find many different suggestions about the best SEO techniques 2013 on the net. Yet, as for me, the most important method will be always the diversity of techniques.

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