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Easy Steps To Create a Website

A comprehensive guide on easy website creation methods…

MotoCMS Website Builder Review

Dec 15

MotoCMS Homepage

Establishing a web presence has become much simpler in recent years, and today virtually anyone is capable of building and maintaining a full-fledged website of any complexity, regardless of the background and previous webmastering experience. And one of the web services that has made this possible for thousands of users worldwide is MotoCMS site constructor. As of September 2013, this content management system powered 375,240 websites. Let’s have a closer look at its feature set for you to decide whether or not MotoCMS is the optimal choice for you. continue reading…

Zoho Sites Website Builder Review

Dec 15

Zoho Sites Pricing

Zoho Sites is a powerful but incredibly easy-to-use online website builder launched by Zoho Corp., a recognized software development company. This product has filled the missing hole in the wide assortment of Zoho’s business-related tools. The web service gained popularity pretty quickly, mainly for its excellent collaboration solutions and intuitive interface. So, let’s take a closer look at this website builder and see if it’s the optimal solution for your case. continue reading… Review: Website Builder for Small Businesses

Dec 15

Website builders are nothing new these days. They are easy-to-use, fast, and offer lots of room for customization allowing their customers to create exceptional, personalized websites in a matter of minutes. Today you will find a plethora of various site constructors on the web, both widely recognized brands, and newborns. Although customers are more likely to prefer popular, famous brands to fresh start-ups, I recommend keeping your eye on the new, perspective platforms that may become true powerhouses in sitebuilding sphere over time. continue reading…

Webydo Review: Your Personal Online Web Design Studio

Dec 15

Many unparalleled web design ideas remain unnoticed because we don’t know how to implement them, or we do know, but the very idea of writing never-ending codes freaks us out. In fact, this is a very common situation for an IT agency: designers lack HTML experience, while programmers lack the gene of imagination. Gone are these days :)! With the launch of a new cloud-based SaaS company Webydo, creating a website is a walk in the park even for those who don’t know a single line of code. continue reading…

Moonfruit Website Builder Review

Dec 15

Moonfruit Admin Panel

Moonfruit is based in London and has a huge team of creative individuals, entrepreneurs and developers who have made this company an excellent platform for making websites in a simple way.

Initially, this site builder was a Flash platform. Later, it switched to the HTML5 technology.

continue reading…