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Easy Steps To Create a Website

A comprehensive guide on easy website creation methods…

How To Promote A New Website (A Step By Step Guide)

Apr 25

Promotion is an essential part of any business. Without marketing it is practically impossible to reach your target audience and sell your products/services online. In this article I’m going to describe the most essential steps you need to take to advertise your freshly launched website effectively.

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How to Improve Your Website’s Usability

Apr 24

Usability is one of the key website characteristics which is often overlooked. To my mind, usability should be seriously considered on the initial stages of website building, because it defines the attitude and the behavior of the website visitors. But unfortunately, many website owners forget that their websites have been initially created for real people, and start focusing on search engine optimization. Of course, SEO is an important aspect of every successful website, but we should never sacrifice our customer’s convenience to search results. In this brief post I have gathered the most effective methods to make your website attractive to visitors.

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How to Make a Successful Website in 10 Steps

Sep 18


Website success doesn’t depend directly on the amount of money you invest into your creation’s designing, hosting and maintaining. Whether you build your webpage from scratch with the help of do-it-yourself programs and online resources, or hire a team of professional programmers and designers, the odds of your site success are equal. Go to this post, if you want to learn more about the easiest ways to make a website.

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How to Make a Game Website for Free in Short Order

Sep 18

The Internet is undoubtedly a great tool for research, education and work. However, it can also be an excellent playground to entertain you and your friends 24 hours per day. A fair share of the most popular websites is completely dedicated to nothing but games, being a great source of revenue for their creators. continue reading…

How to Make a Simple Website in a Matter of Minutes

Sep 18

Many of us would like to own a personal piece of the web for different purposes: to advertise one’s business, to share accomplishments (artworks, portfolios etc.), to communicate or simply to run a blog. At first glance, creating a website is a time and money-consuming task, but it is actually not. Nowadays, with a wide array of sitebuilding software, tools and online services you can easily learn how to make a simple website in a matter of minutes. So, let’s determine the most beneficial and easy-to-follow ways to create a personal website quickly and efficiently. continue reading…