Every successful business should definitely have a website. By taking your business online you expand your customers reach considerably. While it used to take hundreds and thousands of dollars to build a web page some time ago, nowadays you can create a business website without spending a cent even if you have absolutely no idea how sites are being built. In this brief post we are going to dwell upon the one of the most frequently asked questions among entrepreneurs: how to create a free website for business.


As a rule, there are two main options to create a website for free: you do everything by yourself or you use a site building service. The former approach implies looking for various resources providing free domain names, hosting, downloading site building software, comparing CMS (content management systems) etc., while the latter encompasses all of these issues in one place in a comprehensible form. There is no doubt, that when it comes to creating web pages, sitebuilders come to the fore as incredibly convenient and easy-to-follow services.

Pay attention to the fact that there are basically two types of free pages: those with lifetime guarantee and those you need to pay for when a trial period is over. Be attentive and read terms of use carefully when submitting.

How to Create a Business Website Using a Sitebuilder

Creating a website with the help of a builder is definitely one of the best ways to build a website, as it doesn’t require any prior programming knowledge or special skills. When building a site you should have in mind the main concept of your business/service, target audience and company’s prime goals in order to make your site look professional and meet requirements of an average customer. Thus, to launch your first business site you will have to take the following steps:

Decide on a sitebuilding company. Log in and follow instructions.

Choose an effective domain name. It should sound professional and reflect the essence of your service. Tend to use short, easy-to-remember and spell URLs. Take your time to think up the most appropriate names, since it will not only be the first thing people learn about your site, but will also play a key role in SEO (search engine optimization) ranking results.

Select a template which will make your page stand out among the other similar businesses. Again, the look of your web page should match with the service you offer.

Create the standard pages: Home, Contacts, About, Products etc. and fill them with unique written content and images with the help of the CMS.

Publish your website with just one click of the mouse (‘Publish’ button in CMS).

Today, in the era of advanced information technologies, promoting an enterprise on the web is a smart and economical way to advertise your company and gain more new clients, especially when you use reputable sitebuilding services like uCoz. With uCoz you can create a website for your business absolutely for free and with no effort in a matter of minutes! What is more interesting, on this sitebuilder you can modify and expand your website by adding forums, blogs, online stores, etc. It features all modern tools you may need to make your website unique and effective.