Many people who would like to own a personal web page wonder what is the best way to create a website. While it was a rather complicated, effort and finance taking challenge some time ago, sitebuilding today is easier than ever. Actually you will find quite a few ways to make a web page. These will mainly depend on the level of your programming skills and previous experience in sitebuilding. So, let’s describe the most common ways website are made.


One of the most popular choices beginners make is creating a personal page in blogging systems. If you need a simple minimalistic web page without any complicated requirements, blogging systems are just what you look for. To create such a page you simply need to sign up an account with the provider. In a matter of seconds you will have your personal ready-to-go blog. To add and edit content you will simply need to log into the account. No prior HTML or other programming knowledge is required to do this. However, the scope of operations you can handle with the help of blogging systems is rather limited comparing to other site building services.

Web Design Software

Many websites creators, both professionals and novices use various programs designed to build sites, like Dreamweaver, for instance. These programs usually have two modes: hand-coding and a mode comparable to creating a document in Microsoft Word (you simultaneously code and see the result: the screen is split in two). Once you are proficient in split mode, you can switch to hand-coding.

Setting up a CMS

More professional website builders would use content management systems (CMS), like Drupal, WordPress or Joomla. These are the best options for content-rich sites which require more organization and serious approach than simple blogs. Moreover, setting up a CMS automatically creates a new website.


Coding a web page by hand intimidates many people, yet not all of them know that HTML is very simple to learn. You will easily find numerous tutorials available online for free which will give you a clue what this language actually is and how to use it.

The Best Way

On a par with aforementioned methods there exist one more, the most beneficial way to obtain a personal website: sitebuilding companies. These are services which offer a ‘full package’ needed for a website creation: a domain name, hosting, comprehensible administration program, web software, technical support and other features. With the help of modern sitebuilders you can create practically all website types, strarting with wedding blogs, online stores and galleries, and finishing with game websites. There exist both paid and absolutely free website builders. Take into account that some companies offer a free trial period only, and when it is over you have to pay.

One of the absolutely free ‘all-inclusive’ sitebuilders is uCoz which has seven years of experience in website creating sphere. Being one of the most comprehensible and easy-to-follow services, uCoz is currently supporting more than 1,000,000 active websites all over the world (there are 16 language localizations available). No prior HTML knowledge or other skills are needed to cope with it. With uCoz it will take you no effort and very little time to transform your idea into a full-fledged site.