There are many ways to drive quality traffic to your website, and one of these is through social media marketing. If you don’t want to miss any possibility to boost your website metrics, you need to optimize your profiles in all popular social networks. Today I would like to share some tips on doing this with Google+.

So, once you have created your G+ profile, you can take the following steps:

1. Optimize your page. Your Google+ profile should be impeccable in terms of SEO: use the primary keywords related to your business in your profile (description, introduction, tags, etc.). Remember to make a clickable link in your description that will lead directly to your website. Besides this, your profile should be attractive to users: fill in as many fields as possible, and upload a cheerful photo.

2. Interact with Other Members. This implies creating circles, joining circles, and sending targeted messages. To start off, search for people you know and get more acquaintances through them. Then you can create circles to organize your connections better (make circles for your website readers, your contributors, those who help you advertise your website etc.). By interacting with other people you will earn their trust and show that you’re on G+ not only for self-promotion.

3. Start publishing interesting content. Your G+ stream of updates should be meaningful. Avoid spam and obvious self-promotion messages. Share interesting, useful content to attract attention of more people. When posting a new message ensure that it contains your best keywords in the first sentence (when it comes to search, the most weight is given to the first phrase). Remember to link the post to your website.

4. Host Hangouts. Hangouts is an invaluable G+ feature. With its help you can host video chats involving up to ten Google+ members. Before promoting Hangouts, make up a plan of your chat, think of how you can present your website unobtrusively. Ensure that the Hangouts will be useful and interesting for your guests. Once you have the blueprint of your session, don’t hesitate to advertise it on your website, and in your stream of updates on G+.

5. Establish Authorship through Google+. Although this idea is still in its infancy, it is expected to influence the search results soon. With authorship markup you have more chances to attract readers, as it was estimated that Internet users tend to follow search results that have real contributors (with bio and photographs).


Google+ is the fast-growing social network that features a whole bunch of advantages. However, in order to use it effectively for promo purposes you need to explore its features thoroughly. It can take you some time to get accustomed to the features of this service. But once you develop the habit of sharing through Google+, you will definitely see the results of your work.