Steps to Create a Website

A few decades ago building a site was a rather challenging task, yet today creating a blog, online store, photo album or a forum is easier than ever. In this brief tutorial we will describe the most essential steps to create a website for you to realize there is nothing daunting about launching your own site.

Step 1: Domain Name

Picking effective domain name (also known as web address or URL) is important for a lot of reasons. Try to come up with such a name that will clearly reflect the essence of your site: what kind of business you run or what service you offer.

Domain name must be something people can easily recall and are unlikely to misspell. You may be surprised to learn that obtaining one can cost you nothing: you will easily find websites offering domain names for free.

Unfortunately, most of the effective one-word domains are already occupied, yet you may try to buy a desired one from its owner at a steep price. Because of the speculators who buy many names and then resell those at exorbitant prices we recommend you add a few short words detailing the site main goal or indicating your geographical locale.

HINTS for Step 1: To find more detailed recommendations on selecting effective domain names, please go to the article Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name. I highly recommend reading this post, as the process of selecting a domain name should never be overlooked.


Step 2: Hosting

You may pick domain name and host your website with one company. Or you may also shop around in order to select the best offers on domain name registration and hosting service separately.

When choosing a hosting company investigate the most important characteristics such as connection speed, limits on bandwidth and hits etc.

If you select a paid hosting make sure you will not be charged much in case of high traffic going through your site. Look for reasonable prices, tried-and-true companies and positive customers feedback.

Step 3: CMS

Choosing a good content management system (CMS) which will fit your individual needs is an important step in site building, since it allows users to control website content effectively. Usually these systems include comprehensible easy-to-follow website editors which can be successfully used without any prior knowledge of HTML.

In addition to written content editing, advanced content management systems like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal offer the ability to upload and customize pictures as well as to interact online with website visitors via polls and comments. Pick a CMS which you can regularly upgrade as it develops, especially for Search Engine Optimization Purposes (SEO).

Your CMS should grow along with development of your service and website and include such options as design, layout and templates.


The aforementioned steps are the inevitable actions you need to take if you decide to build up a site by yourself. For many this experience can turn into a rather challenging and sometimes pretty expensive task.

However, fortunately for everyone who are eager to launch their own website there are absolutely free site building projects, like uCoz which helps embody Internet dreams of those who lack professional experience to build and publish a site.

uCoz is a unique service which can help you make a site from scratch: all you need to do is to authorize and to follow the instructions. A wide variety of templates (250), thousands of widgets and gadgets, innovative CMS and 16 language localizations are at your service when you create your site with uCoz.